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According to foreign media reports, Intel is again faced allegations of using "bribery and coercion" means to monopolize the market, but this is the world's third-largest computer maker Dell provide 60 billion huge kickbacks. Litigation pointed out that since February 2002 to January 2007 nearly 4-year period, Dell and Intel signed a secret agreement, in the four years of the Term to use Intel chips that end, Intel paid  best beats by dre to buy to Dell by about 60 billion U.S. yuan. Intel paid this amount even to a Dell-quarter earnings of 116%.
This is from the New York State Attorney General Andrew kumo Intel antitrust lawsuit. It is reported that this is by far the most detailed Intel suffered allegations. The document claims that Intel pays PC makers to prevent their use by rival AMD's chips. Other computer makers have also been pointed out that the existence of such a deal with Intel, including Hewlett-Packard and IBM.
Dell's Asset health can be questioned
However,beats b dr dre, this lawsuit does not elaborate on whether Dell is still to accept similar payments. But the proceedings that marked the footnote: "There is evidence that Intel's in order to compete effectively to continue to put pressure on Dell to weaken the impact of AMD's."
Investment banking analyst at Kaufman Brothers, said Shaw Wu,best beats by dre to buy, imagine if Dell rely on from Intel's "allowance" to ensure that its profit  beats by dre to buy level,  monster beats australia then this assumption of payment enough to cause health problems on the Dell Asset thinking. Dell had done its best to cut costs and streamline operations to catch up with competitors such as Hewlett-Packard, "This litigation will have an impact of Dell's profitability."
It is understood that Dell declined to comment at present. Intel said it will defend himself. HP's spokeswoman also declined comment.
Intel suffered during the year's second major anti-trust allegations
This is the year of Intel suffered the second major anti-trust charges. This year in May, the EU announced the Intel opened a record 1.06 billion euros of anti-monopoly tickets, and asked Intel to stop and ultra-wai semiconductor company (AMD) of unfair competition.
It is reported that the  the beats dre action document also said: "From a purely in terms of U.S. dollar transactions,cheap monster beats by dr. dre solo, Dell, Intel received more money than other companies, Dell understand that the 'Intel funds' primary purpose is to prevent AMD's CPUs into the Dell computer and the server. "
B een alleged that this payment in 2006, Dell began to using AMD chips in some products after reduction. In October 2006 to 2007 in January, the Intel paid Dell for nearly 200 million U.S. dollars, about as of February 2, 2007 Dell's profit in that quarter, the amount of 29%.
In  monsterbeats addition, the report also said that the lawsuit also pointed out that, in addition to the use of bribery, kickbacks manufacturers, Intel has also signed an agreement through the threat of retaliation is not the vendor, including the cancellation would like to offer concessions to companies to finance companies did not sign an agreement competitors, or the termination of its joint venture to develop relations and so on,dre beats dre beats, because once the termination of cooperation between Intel, its supply of goods will face a great impact, given that many companies did not dare to offend the next,  wireless earbuds beats by dre forcing manufacturers to sign an agreement.
Intel spokesman Chuck Kemuluoyi denied the above allegations, saying that Intel's business practices are lawful. Currently, Intel has told the U.S. Federal Trade Commission survey, there are four members in favor of the three charges Intel, including the chairman Qiao Enlai Bowitz.
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