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Los Angeles Fashion and isabel marant sneakers Beauty
Italian-Canadian artist Camilla celine outlet  d fuses her love for manga, comic books, human emotions, jordan for sale and the beauty of her surroundings to create artwork and merchandise that captivates the senses and vividly paints the world.
Camilla d is an illustrator, designer and painter who breathes life into art using bright colors like turquoise and tangerine combined with bold yet ethereal feminine figures surrounded by nature all which evoke emotion and mesmerize the senses. Camilla artwork brings a smile to the observer face and her merchandise helps adidas jeremy scott wings transport the consumer to a magical odyssey, coloring their world and inspiring their life.
Camilla art is not solely defined by one medium instead Camilla has learned to master various outlets to express her art pouring out her creativity into exclusive paintings, decals, magazine covers, unique Gelaskin cases, collectible plush, endearing journals cards, an eye-catching clothing collection, and stunning handbags accessories (designed by OSO Design House). What more, Camilla has also proved to be a force to adidas wings reckon with in the pop art gallery scene as one of the most skilled and uniquely talented artists that continues to visually inspire and amaze the art burberry handbags world.
I caught up with Camilla who was so gracious to make time in between her hectic schedule to do a Q with me and share a sneak peek into her world just days before her live painting on Feb. 18th for the Winter Olympics during the Women Snowboard Half Pipe at Cypress Hill about pressure, but what an honor!
What inspires you?
Camilla: I'm inspired by just about everything! Photography, nature, literature and emotions are the things that give me the most inspiration and stimulation I can just as easily be walking down the beautiful streets of Vancouver or people watch from a cafe and find something that leaves an impression. I'm very strongly influenced by manga celine luggage bag price and by a great story the characters in the story and the emotions they elicit. And yes, I admit it, I am influenced by love . I'm a hopeless romantic.
How would you jordan 11 bred describe your work?
Camilla: My work is emotive, edgy and somewhat surreal and like a puzzle. I use bright colors to convey emotions and there is always a combination of emotions in each image; I have my own story to tell and each element of a painting has a specific mulberry daria meaning within the context of the entire piece but I want the viewer to cheap nike air max see their own story or emotions in the painting, so the pieces are isabel marant also completely open to interpretation.
What projects are you currently working jeremy scott wings shoes on what can fans expect to see?
Camilla: Later this spring my videogame, Pirates of Neo Terra, will release on the Wii and DS platforms and I've been waiting ages for that. I did all the artwork and was part of the team that created the world and characters (it's also the basis of my most recent comic series, Sky Pirates of Neo Terra); Work-wise, I'm completing Volume 3 of my self published series, and working on my paintings for my solo show in Rome (June 5th). This show is going to be all in their original black and white style so fans can expect their favorite characters, to be exploded and expanded with these pieces.
Any upcoming collaborations?
Camilla: I've got something in the works with Alex Pardee and Zerofriends, and I'm talking to a local Vancouver musician about working together on his album. I've never really cheap mulberry done anything in music yet, so it would be a nice entry!
Will you be working on creating new fashion pieces to add to your clothing and accessories collections?
Camilla: I would love to add more to the collection items for Spring/Summer; I'm going to add more themed items as well, so you'll be seeing more of that throughout the coming months. I'm also doing a jewelry collaboration with an jeremy scott wings artisan out of Australia the jewelry will be made-to-order, so you can choose whether you want gold (or) silver, and which images to go with the design. And last but not least, Classic Hardware is releasing card, vanity, wallet cases and necklaces with my art. I would love to get into shoes like the ones I hand painted for PF Flyers. And one day, I will have my own runway show with models wearing Helmetgirl helmets and wearing the outfits like the ones on my painted girls that is a goal and dream that I want to achieve.
What song would be the soundtrack to your life/artwork and air jordans for sale why?
Camilla: It's hard to sum up anyone with one song, but I do know songs that resonate strongly with me and inspire me. I feel creative every time I hear this song, its peaceful, playful, and like a poem ready for individual interpretation. The song is Tree Part lI by Husky Rescue I love the lyrics which make me think of being childlike and adventurous.
Eye Candy Spotlight: Camilla d stunning handbag and accessories collection designed in collaboration with OSO Design House features Camilla artwork on bags, wallet, bracelets, key chains, and tees for men and women. Carry a work of art with you and store your precious belongings in style with a Camilla bag featuring a cute rainbow zipper with a Bax Bear zipper-pull, a limited 2.5" Bax adidas wings jeremy scott Bear, a colorful chain containing Camilla art charms and best of all the bags have Camilla or art featured on the front of the bag along with patterned nylon interior.
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